Balance Builders

    October's Balance Builder

    Personal & Professional Development

    Here are a few suggestions:

    • Listen to Podcasts like Do it Scared, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur or Debbie Griffith’s Everyday Matters
    • Attend seminars and conferences like Humans Being More (see the Women with Purpose Resource Page for a link), the Global Leadership Summit, Leadercast Women 2019 and Jesus at Work
    • Read books like Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff or Do it Scared
    • Participate in professional organizations like Alpha Omega Success monthly meet-ups or Thrivent's monthly events (see our Resource Page for more information)
    • Find or be a mentor
    • Take a class or join a support group at First Free, the YMCA or one of the local colleges
    • Watch TED Talks
    • Check out the Resource page on the Women with Purpose website 

      If you know of others, please let us know. We love to share that kind of information. 

    September's Balance Builder


    We hear a lot about SELF-CARE, but do we really know what that looks like? Here are a few suggestions:

    • Reading a good book
    • Getting out in nature
    • Going for a pedicure
    • Going to the doctor for that physical or check-up you’ve put off for way too long
    • Picking up that hobby you dropped because you were too busy
    • Grab coffee with a girlfriend or loved one

    Think of something that makes you feel cared for or that brings you joy and do that! Care for yourself! You are always pouring so much into others. Let’s pause this month and do something to take care of YOU!


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